When you are going on a hunting safari to a different country, getting your trophies home is the definitely highlight after the safari. Most people already decided where to hang the trophies, and the space has been set aside even before they went hunting. Many of us got our own trophy-room, or a place where we can enjoy our trophies. Here we can sit in silence, dreaming us back to the hunt, planning the next hunting adventure.

Most people put a lot of money into a safari and shoot expensive trophies. Then it is important not to choose the cheapest alternative for further taxidermy work on your trophies. This usually gives you less quality on the work being done. Lots of taxidermists in Africa offers you taxidermy for a very cheap price comparing to taxidermists in USA and Europe, and because of that lots of hunters choose to let their trophies be mounted in Africa. If you send only capes, horns and skull back home, it is cheaper than to send mounted trophies. Then, again, the mounting in your own country is much more expensive. What is usually the case in Africa, is that the normal taxidermists have so much work to do, that they hire a lot of cheap labour with limited skills to do the mounting. The work being done is therefor of less quality.

My opinion is that your valuable trophies have to be handled by a professional, and you can choose to get quality work for less money. I am educated as a taxidermist, and I have 26 years of experience, and I had for several years my own taxidermy studio in Norway, and in South Africa. At the moment, I have all my taxidermy equipment stored in South Africa, but the plan is to have this shipped back to Norway during 2021. Then the plan is to re-open a taxidermy studio, and I will once again be able to personally take care of your precious hunting memories.

I can offer you very good prices on taxidermy work if you have hunted with Oryx Safari. You get quality for less money, and I have full control from you book your safari, until your trophies are ready to be hung on the wall.

Until Oryx Safaris’ taxidermy studio is up and running, I can recommend a couple of other taxidermists to do the work. On request.

I hope that you as a client are considering Oryx Safari to give us the honour of mounting your valuable hunting memories.

Remember; You don´t have to choose between price or quality. You can have it both!