South Africa

If you are considering hunting in Africa, South Africa is an excellent destination whether you are an experienced hunter, or a first time hunter. You will find a great variety of game, and a wonderful variation in landscape and hunting areas. The prices on hunting are also very good, and you can find a hunt in a price range that will suit most hunters.

In South Africa most of the hunting takes place on game-farms which mean you will be hunting in a fenced off area. This has nothing to say for the sporty outcome of the hunt, since the farms are usually quite big in size. All from 1000 Ha and up to 8500 Ha in the areas we are offering hunting. You can be walking all day, and still not see much of the fences. It is a big variety in landscape, and you can hunt in big open spacious areas, thick bush, mountain terrain, and bush savannah depending of what species you are hunting.

In South Africa is it mainly plains game hunting, but Big 5 hunting can also be arranged. South Africa still offers hunting for rhino. The big 5 hunt is often a hunt for problem animals, and very often outside the borders of the national parks. Green hunt on rhino can also be arranged, which mean you will dart the rhino and take your photos, and then the rhino will get up again.

The accommodation we can offer is nice chalets, lodges of good standard, and luxurious lodges with swimming pools and lots of other facilities. The food prepared is tasty, traditional and exciting.

The hunting takes place as a walk and stalk hunt, or you can sit in a blind by the waterholes and wait for the animals to come and drink. The hunt usually starts after a light breakfast and coffee at sunrise, and will last up until lunch time. Then you have some time to relax, and maybe take a little nap, before the afternoon hunt starts around 2-3 pm and lasts until dawn. After dawn you can sit and relax in front of the campfire, enjoy a sundowner while you wait for dinner to be served.

If you wish to combine the hunting with other adventures, or photo safaris please feel free to contact us, and we will offer you a safari that suits you and your needs.