Namibia is an excellent choice if you want to go hunting in Africa, either you are an experienced hunter, or a first-time hunter. You will find a great variety of game, not as many species as in South Africa, but then-again a couple of species you cannot find in SA. Hartmann´s zebra (mountain zebra), which is hunted in the mountains of the central part of Namibia, and Damara Dik-Dik.

You will find a great variety of landscape and vegetation, from deserts to open grass savannahs, to thick bush. In Caprivi north-east in Namibia, on the banks of the Okovango, lays one of the last wildernesses open for big game hunting as elephant and buffalo.

Namibia has a small population with only just over 2,4 million people. In the rural areas you will still find the real Africa. Namibia is a stable country political and economically, has very little crime, and wonderful nature and hunting opportunities.

The climate is dry, with an average of 300 mm rain a year which falls in the rainy season between December and March. The temperature will between May and August be around 15 to 25 degrees during the day, and from 5 to -8 during night depending on what area you are in. From September to April the temperature will be between 25 - 35 degrees during daytime, and between 10 - 22 degrees during night. Since the air is dry, it will never be uncomfortable warm.

In Namibia the hunting takes place in huge open areas in Caprivi, Kaokoveld and in mountain areas depending on what you are hunting. We also hunt on game farms which is fully fenced, but the areas are very big so this will never give you a fenced in feeling while hunting. Most of the hunting areas are cattle ranches, with low cattle fences where the animals are free roaming. The hunt usually starts at sunrise and lasts until noon. Then we will have lunch, and maybe you feel like having a nap before the afternoon hunt starts. The hunt is usually a walk and stalk, but you can also sit by the waterholes and wait for the animals coming to drink. Since the areas are huge, we often bring lunch with us if we are hunting far from camp. We will usually drive around until we spot animals, or fresh tracks, and then start the stalk from there. You will always be assisted by a professional hunter, and sometimes you will also have a tracker with you. When we hunt big game on government land, we will also bring along a game ranger from Nature Conservation, a game ranger from the local municipality, and some of our own trackers.

We hunt plains game in north-west and central Namibia, and we are offering one of the best hunting concessions for big game in southern Africa. You can hunt elephant, buffalo, leopard, hippo, crocodile, sable and roan. We also have available lion hunting other places in Namibia. The mountain zebra is another sought after specie you can hunt only in Namibia. This is a very exciting and though hunt, where you walk and stalk in the huge mountain areas where you cannot go with a 4X4.

Hunting and conservation in Namibia is extremely well working, and the professional hunters go through a long education of several years to make them able to be licensed. In Namibia the Nature Conservation has also given a minimum size on trophies that can be exported. This gives you the comfort that you will not be shooting second range trophies. The hunting season is from the 1 of February and lasts until the end of November.

The accommodation we offer is of a very good standard, and we offer tent camps and lodges. The food also plays an important role during a hunt, and we guarantee you that you will be very pleased with exciting Namibian cuisine.

If you wish to combine the hunt with other adventures, we will be happy to tailor make your trip. Namibia got lots of great places to visit, and we can recommend Etosha National Park with a great variety of wildlife, or The Namib desert with the world´s highest sand dunes. There are also great opportunities for deep sea fishing along the west coast of Namibia.