The Freestate is a beautiful province with wide open spaces. The area has open grassland, very little trees and bush-terrain, beautiful mountain ranges and deep valleys.

We offer hunting at two different farms in the Vrede district, in the north-eastern part of the Freestate. The hunting areas are situated only 2,5 and 3 hours drive from the airport in Johannesburg, and they are both about 2 500 Ha in size. The altitude is up to 1850 meters. We also have access to neighboring farms of the same size, but these are usually only used for hunting mountain reedbuck who lives in these mountains. Species which can be hunted is typical to the Freestate; blesbuck, springbuck, black wildebeest and mountain reedbuck. You can also find good trophies of red hartebeest, blue wildebeest, zebra and eland on the terrains. One the one farm you can also hunt fallow deer, red lechwe and waterbuck. Since most of the terrains are wide open spaces, you might have to shoot over further distances than you are used to, but the mountain ranges, some trees and tall grass may help you get closer to the game.

The one camp consists of chalets built out of sandstone, and they keep a normal standard. There is a restaurant and a bar on the farm where we will have our meals, but this restaurant is also open to public. They do breed with lions on the farm, and you can handle lion cubs, or take a «walk on the wild side» which is a guided walk with semi adult lions. There are fenced-in lions around the restaurant and the bar. There is also both an outdoor- and an indoor swimming pool. You will enjoy this farm, and the hunting is super!

The other camp consists of a beautiful old farm house, and a luxurious lodge with a breath-taking view. I have conducted several good hunts with my clients that have brought back excellent trophies, and happy memories. Because of the altitude you will have a little shorter hunting season, since it often snows in the winter.

Hunting in the Freestate can be combined with hunting in Limpopo.