Booking and payment

The booking is binding between Oryx Safari and the client when the client has paid in the deposit for the safari. Oryx Safari has set the deposit to 1/3 of the price of the safari, and the date for payment of deposit is 7 days after booking. Some of our outfitters requires 50 % deposit to confirm booking, and Oryx Safari will let the client know that when booking. The rest of the payment for the safari is settled 30 days before the date of departure. The client is responsible to see to that the confirmation of the safari is the same as the booked safari, and contact Oryx Safari if something differs. The client is responsible to book his flight ticket according to the right dates and time of the safari, but Oryx Safari will help checking that this is done correctly.

Change of prices

It has to be taken under consideration that prices may change during the validity of the travel program. This can be caused of change in foreign currency, change in transportation costs, taxes, levies, conservation fees etc. Any change in price will be notified the client prior to the sales contract. From the deposit is paid in until the final settlement of the safari, only change in foreign currency of more than 5 % will be reasonable for change in price on the safari, from the contract has been made until final settlement.

Change of arrangement

If a safari is cancelled cause of not enough booked clients, or other conditions Oryx Safari can´t do anything about, the deposit will be paid back to the client. If the whole trip is already paid, the whole price of the safari will be paid back to the client. If the client wants to change the arrangement, this has to be done at least 60 days prior to the departure date. Then a fee for changing arrangement of NOK 500,-/ $ 84 will apply.


If the client decides to cancel the safari more than 90 days before departure, the deposit will be paid back to the client as long as Oryx Safari can get the deposit back from the hunting outfitter. It will be a cancellation fee of NOK 700,-/ $ 117 taken off the deposit before payback. A cancellation less than 90 days, and more than 30 days prior to departure, no deposit will be paid back to the client. A cancellation less than 30 days prior to departure, the whole settlement is already paid in and must be considered lost.

Cancellation during a safari

If the client decides for some reason to go home during the time period of the safari, no payback will take place because the client has refused service delivered by Oryx Safari.


Oryx Safari will recommend the client to get a cancellation insurance while booking the safari. A travel insurance should also be in place before departure, in case of illness or loss or damage of luggage. Guns and scopes are usually quite expensive, so make sure your insurance will cover the value of these items should it disappear or get damaged. Most of the big insurance companies will be able to offer you a combination of the insurances you need on a yearly basis, for a good price. Ask your insurance company if you don´t already have an insurance covering your needs.

Passports / Visa

The client is responsible to have a valid passport for the duration of the safari. Oryx Safari will when the safari is booked inform the client what requirements that particular destination has regarding visa. Oryx Safari will help the client with formalities regarding visa applications.


The client is responsible for knowing what vaccinations required and recommended for the safari destination, by contacting your doctor. Remember that some of the areas in South Africa and Botswana are malaria areas, so there for it is very important that you are informed by your doctor to take precautions against malaria.

Rifles and guns

Use the rifle you are comfortable with, and it is recommended not to go below 30-06 in caliber. For hunting The Big Five, the minimum caliber is 375 H&H. There is also a possibility to hire rifles of several of the hunting farms, and then it will be rifles of normal good quality fitted with a scope.

Travel with guns

The airline requires that the bolt and ammunition is packed separately from the rifle, and not in your hand luggage. If you have a scope you can remove from your rifle, make sure you do not put your scope in the hand luggage. The security at the airport will see this as a part of a rifle, and confiscate the scope. A solid gun case made of hard plastic that can take the handling from the airlines is recommended. The client is responsible for getting a clearance by the customs to bring the rifle out of the country, and to contact the airline for permission to send the rifles with them. Remember that most airlines have a maximum of 20/25 kg for luggage, and the rifle suitcase will be on top of the rest of the luggage. Exceeded luggage weight is not cheap!

Trophy fees

Trophies are paid for immediately after the hunting is finished, and before the client departs for home. The payment can be done cash, or through online transfer. Oryx Safari will have internet available for the client to do a transfer. Payments in cash will have an add on of 10 % for exchange rates and banking fees.

Trophy handling

The client is responsible to decide if the trophy mounting is going to be done in his own country, or in the country the hunt took place. Normally taxidermy is much cheaper in Africa than in the US or Europe, but it has to be taken into consideration that mounted trophies will be more expensive to ship than dried untreated trophies. In any way the trophies have to go through a taxidermist in the country where the hunt took place to get it exported. Information about trophy import to your country, you can get by contacting your local authorities of nature conservation.


If you have complains about things during a safari, you should immediately notify Oryx Safari. If you have other complains regarding the safari, this has to be notified to Oryx Safari in writing within 30 days after the safari is ended.